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How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket

Receiving a traffic ticket can be quite frustrating. However, no matter how annoyed you get, do not plead guilty to it simply to “make it go away.” It is highly recommended to plead not guilty and fight the ticket.

The follow information has been designed for those of you who are unfamiliar with New York speeding tickets and shows you how to plead not guilty to your NY traffic ticket.

Four Parts of Your Speeding Ticket

Your New York speeding ticket will be comprised of four main sections. The first section contains the driver’s information. This usually includes your name, address, gender, license plate number, date of birth, registration expiration date, the state you hold a license in, the make and model of your car, and other information that identifies you as the operator of the vehicle.


Top of New York Speeding Ticket

The second section describes what you are being charged with. It will likely include the time you were pulled over, the date of the alleged offense, the vehicle and traffic law (VTL) that you are being accused of violating, a short description the violation, where it occurred, and the signature of the police officer who issued you the ticket.

Middle of NY Speeding Ticket

The third section of your NY speeding ticket, which is at the bottom of the first page, tells you what court will be hearing your traffic ticket case. Additional, it includes the name of the court, its address, and a check-box indicating whether you are required to appear in person or simply return the ticket via mail.

3rd Part of NY Speeding Ticket

Lastly, the fourth part of your ticket appears on the back. This gives you the option to plead by mail. Section A should be filled out if you want to plead guilty (not recommended) and Section B should be filled out if you want to plead not guilty.

In order to plead not guilty to your traffic ticket (which is highly advised), simply sign your name at the bottom of Section B and check the box requesting a supporting deposition (if you were not issued one with your ticket).

Afterward, scan it or make a copy of the NY speeding ticket for your records and mail it in to the court.

Back of NY Speeding Ticket

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New York speeding ticket, contact The Rosenblum Law Firm. Our team of NY traffic ticket lawyers will do all they can to help you get the results you are looking for. Call us today at 888-883-5529.

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  1. Hi, I got a disobeyed traffic control device ticket, I was doing 60mph in a 45mph. When I was pulled over I told the cop i was speeding, I’m my ticket it says he’s going to use that against me in court, should i plea guilty or not? I’m not concerned with the points only my insurance going up because I’m still in my parents

    • Hunter, pleading guilty will amount to a total of 4 points on your license, as well as a fine of $300 and court fees of $93.00. As stated, this will additionally impact your insurance rates. Prior to entering your plea I strongly suggest you contact at 888-883-5529 for further assistance.

  2. Stopped for speeding in Westchester County. Have a junior license but technically should have a senior license although the Auto School for Driver’s Ed has not sent me a certificate of completion which allows me to get a senior license. They have sent everyone else their certificate, and put me off when I call. Will my license get suspended if I plead not guilty? Or that is only if you plead guilty to the offense?

  3. I was stopped for speeding in Bronx County. I was in a 65 mph zone that apparently went down to a 50 mph zone (according to the officer). He said I was going 77 mph in a 50 mph zone. I have a Massachusetts drivers license. I believe I would be better to plead not guilty to this as the points and insurance concerns are significant. Do you think it is the right thing to do?

    • Wilfredo, as you know this ticket does carry a total of 6 points as well as a fine of $115, a court fee of $88, and a Driver Assessment Fee of $300. I do recommend you plead not guilty and contact our firm for further assistance at 888-883-5529 .

  4. Hi,
    I got a speeding ticket of 81/55 on inter state in Putnam county, I was on left lane going with the traffic and the guy before me suddenly hit the break hard (probably saw the police car), so I had to switch to the right lane and just passed him. I’ve never got a speeding ticket before, so I decided to plea not guilty and try to at least fight to reduce the points. The officer actually got my plate number wrong, does that help me in anyway?

    • Yuanli – Generally speaking, this type of error will be seen as ‘clerical’ in nature and will itself not likely result in the dismissal of your ticket. However, there are other methods available to contest this ticket.

  5. I just got a ticket for 81 in a 50 on the belt parkway, the cop didn’t say how he got me he only said I did 31 over. Should I try and fight it?

    • Mike – I strongly suggest you contest this 8 point violation as it carries substantial fines and insurance implications. There is no plea bargaining in this court system, and as such, a trial must be conducted to address your outstanding violation. If you would like to discuss in further detail, you may reach me at 888-883-5529 .

  6. I got a speeding ticket just now for driving on 50 at the limit of 35. I told that I was somewhere close to 40 but the cop said it was 50. I have to go to Niskayuna town court. Do you think it will be converted to parking ticket if I plead not guilty ? Thank you!

    • Prax – the type of offer received depends on numerous factors – one of which is your prior driving history. Other factors include the strenght of the officers case, and any other aggravating factors associated with this traffic stop.

  7. I just got a ticket for going 71 in a 55 zone in Long Lake, I’ve never gotten a ticket before and I live two hours from there. The officer said that it would most likely go down to a non-moving violation since I’ve never been in trouble before and I’m a relatively new driver, I have to send it in by mail since I’m quite a while away but what procedures should I take, I’m a bit lost here.

    • Elizabeth – you should receive a court date shortly – where you will be given the opportunity to contest your ticket. If you choose to hire an attorney, your appearance will not be necessary at court.

  8. I was just recently pulled over for the first time in Tonawanda, NY on the 290, I’ve had my license for almost 2 years now. I recieved three tickets; one ticket for going 80 in a 55 and 2 other tickets for not using my turning signal when changing lanes twice. I’m going to plead not guilty but how do my circumstances look?

    • Nate – you are looking at serious consequences with this ticket – as these violations total 12 points. In addition to license suspension, you are facing substantial fines, and a steep increase to your insurance. I strongly suggest you contest these tickets.

  9. Could I plea not guilty for going the wrong way in a traffic circle? Will I look like an idiot if I do so by mail? What will happen after I mail in my not guilty plea?

    • Nick,

      You do have the option to plead not guilty to contest the ticket. You can enter in a plea of Not Guilty in person or through the mail. If you received your ticket in one of the 5 boroughs, you can enter in your Not Guiltly plea online. Once the Not Guilty plea is entered, the court will set out a court date to appear and fight your case. Contact us for a consultation to further discuss your options.

  10. I got pulled over for going 47 in a 30 in the city of Oswego NY. It was just as the MPG changed from 45 down to 30. I don’t want the points on my license and my insurance to go up. Should I plea not guilt and try to plea bargain with the prosecutor?


    • Alex,

      This is a 4 point ticket in New York. It carries a fine of $393 if you plead guilty and can cause a significant increase in your insurance premiums. I recommend you fight this ticket to reduce the penalties. Depending on which court is handling your case, you may be able to plea bargain. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your options.

  11. I got a 81 ina 65 speeding ticket. The city of erwin, ny. My first one ever. Is there a way to plead it down?

    • This court does have the possibility of plea barganing. I would caution you to be clear on the implications of any offense you do plead guilty to, as there may be implications to insurance rates.

  12. Hello
    I received speeding ticket ( was driving 74mph, limit was 50mph ) on a highway in NYC. Is it worth it to fight at least the points ? I have a clean record, 33 years old.
    Thank you

    • You are facing a 6 point ticket that carries a total penalty of $203, along with a driver responsibility assessment fee of $300. As this court does not have plea bargaining, this matter must be brought to trial in order to contest your ticket. You may contact us to discuss possible strategies for your case.

  13. I was pulled over and told I was going 80 in a 65 on the ny-400. He issued me a ticket and I do not believe I was going this fast for there were a line of cars behind me going the same speed and riding my butt right after I had moved from the slow lane to pass the guy going 60mph. I am going to go to the courthouse and plead not guilty in a month when my date is, because I do not believe I was going as fast as he says I was. Do you think this will result in a parking ticket?

    • Please confirm what court will be handling your case. If this case is before the traffic violations bureau, then you will be unable to negotiate your ticket, as this is a trial court.

  14. I just got a speeding ticket doing 41 in a 30. On 1/31 I completed the defensive driving course. Can I take another course to reduce the 4 points this new ticket will give, or can I use that course retro actively?
    Or should I plead not guilty and hope for the best?

    • You may take a defensive driving course once every 36 months. Please note, these courses do not ‘erase’ points from your record. As such, it is generally advisable to contest tickets to mitigate the impacts.

  15. I recently got a speeding ticket and am pleading not guilty. I recently moved to upstate NY from downstate and I haven’t gotten my address changed yet. Is it bad to put a different address where I fill out the not guilty plea than the one that is on my license?

    • Carly – I would assure that the court has your correct address in order to prevent any legal documents from not reaching you.

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